29 Apr 2012

Micro Marble Manicure

 I used the micro marbles I showed you in the Nail Jewels post and some masking tape

Here's a step by step

assemble together your bits n bobs

cut your pieces of tape

mask off where you will want the beads to stick
cut the corner off a plastic bag and pour beads in. Dip nail in
repeat using any design you like. I like the moon detail

still with finger in bag use a cocktail stick to tidy up beads

A tricky one, Only attempt if you've got all kinds of time to spend doing this

Go back in and fill in gaps. Use a cocktail stick dipped in water to pick them up individually

I went over the non beaded nails with matte top coat
And you're done. 
Let me know how you get on

Even though I was very careful, the surface colour of the beads started to wear off after about an hour.


  1. This is so cute! I really want to try nail caviar, but have a feeling it'll be too fiddly for clumsy me :/

    Just followed you!


  2. Well, thankyou! I tried to make it super easy and I hope you do have a go, especially as you don't need a lot of them or to spend a huge amount of money to have an impact..Just tape off the bits you don't want the beads on and stick your nail in. Good luck!


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