19 Jul 2012

Why Comment Moderation Kills Blogs

Obviously, some of the biggest blogs on the web use moderation, so this isn't a tutorial. I bet they didn't start out using it though. When I go to a blog post that might have been published yesterday, say, and I see no comments, and I have something (usually too much) about the issues raised, I'll get all excited. I'll think a number of things.
  • ooh, no-one is brave enough to comment
  • ooh, I can leave an uninfluenced comment
  • I'll comment to show support
  • I'll comment with a different spin on this
So you type out the comment, and press the button. 
Awaiting moderation.
Of course you can't delete the comment until it's been approved, so if you have said the same thing as 11,000 other people, there is no way of knowing until it's too late. Same applies to posters replies. If they've answered a question that is relevant to your comment, then you look like a troll or a nincompoop.
I understand that spammers make everything horrid. Mine go in the spam folder and noone sees them. Or genuine bloggers can be argumentative, nasty and negative. There should be an app that zaps certain trigger words from comments or sounds a klaxon when a beast is nearby. Until there is, comment mods are here to stay. 
But it could be killing your blog and a potential community.


  1. this is a difficult one. as a person who comments a lot on blogs, i prefer that a blog is set on 'comments on approval' rather than having to type the dreaded captcha. xx
    liloo/@tsunimee xx

  2. oh Capcha is the worst!
    Like I say, unitl an app is developed we have few choices.

  3. My problem is that I only pay attention to my blog at the weekend, when I've got time to get my laptop out and lavish some attention on it, so if someone leaves a spammy or nasty comment, it could be on there for a while, leeching out it's poison to anyone who casually comes across my blog. As the comments awaiting moderation come in on the email, I can publish them pretty easily from my phone, so at the mo that seems to be working for me. If people start complaining, I would prob change it, I totally get what you're saying, it also means ppl could have a convo about my post if they wanted which would be cool (as long as they werent ripping it to bits haha)


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