16 Apr 2012

Neon Pink Acrylic Tips Made Easy

Neon pink orange and green acrylic tips £1.50 each W7 Neon Yellow Nail polish £1.49
I ventured into my local beauty supply store today and was excited to find a half price sale on, so I'll share those purchases, and my super quick french tip method with you.
I've also uploaded this to YouTube, so click here if you want to see that

I already had acrylic powder, liquid, nail glue and acetone nail polish remover at home
squeaking a nail with remover before applying false tips
I made sure my nails were free from oil, polish (including some VERY stubborn glitter from yesterdays tutorial which had to be wrapped up with acetone soaked kitchen paper before it gave in)
You get 100 tips in this set, so as I have the tiniest nail beds, it takes ages to sort with corresponding fingers. Far easier to set them all out when you still have short nails, as they're fiddly little blighters

If the tips don't fit perfectly with no splaying of the edges, they will flip up no matter how much glue and pressure you apply. Take care during this step, you don't want to be there all day.
I turn all the nails wrong way up and apply a dab of glue to the ridge only in a conveyor belt form.
 I lightly file my natural nail to give the glue a key,and by then the glued nails will stick quicker and easier
You can leave them talon long or cut them right down depending on how used to falsies you are or your lifestyle. They're not going to last more than a week with this quick method so they're very versatile.
 Remember also that the longer the tip, the more acrylic you will need, so until you've built up some skill in shaping and filing, choose shorter nails
I chop mine right down to just false looking enough. In a couple of days I'll file them right down and then probably gnaw them off around Thursday.
I have had to adopt a rather zen approach to filing. I'll level with you, its boring.
It takes ages.
It is also absolutely vital.
 So you may as well buy a really pretty crystal file (mines Ruby and Millie) and settle in and enjoy it. Let the file do the work, and don't attempt until the glue is bone dry or you'll waste all your hard work up to now and put stress on your natural nail.
Now for the stinky bit.
 Paint the whole nail and tip with liquid acrylic.
 Sound easy, but it does seem to spread ever so quickly.
Take care not to get it on cuticles or skin. It really does smell unpleasant to me, but I can bear it once a week.
I tip acrylic powder into the lid of the bottle and slip my finger into it for just a second.
It will look like a puffy strange mess.
A really good blow, and a dusting off with a soft brush will sort it out.
Try and get it as smooth as possible, as the less filing of the acrylic, the better.
 I even dip use a wet cotton outo squish any lumps or bumps flat
A false nails strength is reliant on the acrylic bond, not the glue you stick it to the nail with, so I always add one thin coat on top of the powder before filing.

finished acrylic nail tips
Now take one of those 4 sided buffing blocks and only when acrylic is completely dry, smooth and polish the tips only. Make sure to inspect the evenness from all angles. Nothing is worse than super thick edges, you want an overlay of 1 mm of acrylic, no more...and you're done!

Hope you enjoyed this little step by step for a low commitment way to liven up those tired winter survivng fingers.

Take care

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