15 Apr 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Just on Thursday I had an urge to delete all this and go back to banging on about nail polish and world peace to my cats.
 Mainly through seething jealousy at seeing a fellow blogger be nominated for a Blogger award after blogging for one week! 
I just felt like if I haven't got whatever it is our blogging community is looking for, then I don't want to be part of it. 
Maybe I should explain why I blog. lest ye be thinking I 'm just about the digits.
I've always had a very low sense of propriety. If you've got ten minutes, I'll gladly show you a scar from twenty years ago or my latest bank statement or my weird nail that never grows straight. 
If you have twenty minutes, I'll tell you why that foundation does not do what you think it does, some of the hundred names cosmetics companies use for alcohol or silicone, the best way to apply nail polish/hair colour and athleted foot powder. 
I don't do this because I knowbest, I do it because I have no personal boundaries really.
If you're in, you're in kidder.
I was Myspacing and LiveJournalling and reviewing years ago when noone was allowed to unless they had a Journalism diploma and 5 published works to their name. Aint it great that things have changed. 
Now us, the people that use the stuff we buy or advertise (in more established bbloggers cases) have a voice (because Kate Moss really uses Rimmel makeup on a Saturday night down the Dog and Duck) through blogs. 
If you lie to us, and say this stays on for 6 hours, by noon that day we will be letting our friends know.
 If something is £2 and wears better than something that costs £20, you can be sure its done the YT and blog rounds by teatime that night. 
We've gone viral and there's no going back.
So heartfelt thanks to The Wonderful World of Lennyn B for nominating me for this award and the affirmation that if just one person is reading this, then it's all worth doing.
Thankyou Sara so much xoxo

My Seven Random Facts
  1. I prefer cheap tinned carrots to fresh ones
  2. I designed my own tattoo and secretly wish I was Kat Von D
  3. I am not scared of spiders, I severely dislike them.
  4. I was OBSESSED with The Smiths for most of my teenage years
  5. I find it very hard to make a decision, but when I do I act on it straight away
  6. I widh I'd studied harder at school and not looked at boys more than text books
  7. I wish Optimus Prime was a real person that I could marry.
 My Ten Versatile Blogger Award Nominees

  1. unnakednails blogspot 
  2. makeuptrialsandtribulations blogspot 
  3. tavi's beautybox wordpress 
  4. jade by the sea 
  5. fallenangel to yummymummy blogspot 
  6. hautefuture blogspot 
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  10. inside a girls world blogspot  
  Here are the Rules
1)Nominate 10 Bloggers relatively new to blogging 
2)Let them know you have nominated them 
3)Share 7 Random facts about your self  
4)Thank the Blogger that nominated you 
5) Add the Versatile Award logo to your blog Post

I love every one of these blogs and apologies if you have received the award before, or are not a new blogger.
 Pay it forward


  1. Replies
    1. No problem! I also just updated the link to your site as at first it didn't work properly..Excellent blog :)

  2. thanks for the mention Claire! :) I'll do mine when I have five mins! (Busy silly Mondays!) xxx

  3. The most fun part is working out whoi to give it to! Took me ages, then I logged into Twitter and I was like 'Dayum!' and thought of loads more! You think ten is too many until you have to do it..excellent blog though, an inspiration x


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