13 May 2012

Month of Mayhem Cruella DeVil

I find that when manicures get too 'picturey' it loses its identity. The aim of a manicure can get lost when we see intricate portraits done on nails instead of canvas. Above all the manicure should enhance the hands and show off the nails.

I spent literally 2 days copying Disney cartoons for this manicure and it just wasn't working.
I have short nails anyway, so not much room to capture expression and movement, which is what cartoons require. I went back to basics, and concentrated on the manicure part rather than the nailart part and am pretty pleased with the final version, which actually took around 2 minutes to sketch.
It had to be black and white, of course, and I think it looks like a pretty damask or jacquard, but is actually Cruella De Vil.
Disney Cruella De Ville Nailart

A pretty perfect villain and mistress of Mayhem.
The animation fiddled with her original character a little, I much prefer the complex, ink drinking fashionista of the novel by Dodie Smith.
I think above all, she was just a working woman, suffering from burn out in a very demanding industry.

Now Go and stand somewhere until I need you
Cruella De Vil


  1. lol it does actually look like her! You amaze me with your nail 'art'. I'm not the slightest bit artistic so totally admire the fact it looks like who you say it is. :) Well done!


  2. It made my eyes bleed. I kill myself trying to copy someone elses art and as soon as I decide to go my own way, it just falls into place, there is a lesson in there somewhere, if I can be bothered to look for it x

  3. awww be careful or you'll go blind! lol
    Look forward to seeing your first real masterpiece. x

  4. I have a deviantart account if you want to see the stuff I do with pen and paint and stuff..http://jonesyuk.deviantart.com/gallery/
    just in case you were bored


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