1 May 2012

Month Of Mayhem; Debbie Harry

Kicking off May, and the month of 'Ladies That Caused Mayhem' is one of my life long idols, and the reason I have such badly conditioned hair. 
She installed in me from a VERY early age a love of punk pop, bleached hair, shouting where other girls may fear to whisper, and being kick arse confident. 
Even when you're totally stuffing up your way through life. 
Debbie Harry was a true feminist, ie one who didn't push her beliefs in your face, but pushed herself in your face and didn't quit until you listened. 
She even quit at the height of her popularity to look after her partner when he fell very ill. 
I love her. 
This is my tribute to Debbie, and the boys behind Blondie.
Two coats of Rimmel Black Pearl
One coat of Rimmel Black Pearl
Rimmel Black and White Crackle Top Coat
Add a  crackle glaze (remember the bin bag dress?) and white stripes to accent nail
Blondie Parallel Lines Album Artwork Nailart
A yellow banner and some red lettering, and your flier is done

Blonde Girl With Big Eyes
Destroyed my dark hair because of Debbie Harry


  1. Love it.

    I think Blondie is responsible for a LOT of over bleaching in the day

  2. Thankyoo!
    Yes, am still breaking off and have no shine. It was so worth it.


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