13 Apr 2012

Media Card Randoms

right place at the right time

Along with emptying an email inbox completely (anyone else love going through their spam folder?) and giving your makeup a good clean and re-sort, is there any greater satisfaction in life than going through old media cards? All those random images, important enough at the time to risk looking like a tourist in you own home town, but not important or specific enough to blog or categorise about..forgotten moments of happiness or disappointment, you would never remember again as long as you lived if you didn't find the image buried in sub folders and misplaced sections. So here are some of mine. Post yours!

Just before it popped and covered him in grey sticky dust for days

Def Comedy Jam, turn flash off Claire! With Redhead

And we'll have fun fun fun til Daddy takes the Jaguar away

A very fancy Posh.
Rainy Disdbury

No comment required

Self medicating before opening up work at 7.30am on a Saturday
Cornetto lovin Alabama Cat

Its only burger and chips, but it can still look nice
My vampire Lord of the cats; Snoots

Where I want to live. Only theres no houses, just a motorway.

With every winter comes hardships, troubles and worries. These are the things that make us who we are. We find out what we can cope with, when its time to ask for help and when to simply hang on for dear life until Spring. Because Spring comes. Just hold on.

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