28 Feb 2013

Neon Studs and Nudes

You will have noticed my nails getting shorter on each post and though I've done plenty of short nailed manis I really, really wanted almond long talons. Good old Ebay.
A bit of shaping and filing and I'm really happy with the look.
My nude polish kept sliding off, but for a first attempt they'll do.
I used Revlon Smoky Canvas, Max Factor Pinkandescence, American Apparel Neon Yellow and Orange, inP 48 (pro colour) Fruit Vibe (?) in lilac, studs from Ebay and Seche Vite top coat
Link to Ebay seller I bought the studs from

Exciting News: The ever lovely @Catfink (Wendy from MASPOOASE) and @unnakednails (Catrine from unnakednails have also done posts on this theme so click the links and treat yourself to some neon nudey eye candy!


  1. cute studs! Do you have a link to get them from?

  2. Ta-DA! I updated post with link. They came in gold but I painted them and let them dry x

  3. these look well good! love the neon ring finger too xx

  4. Believe it or not, as well as loving pastels, i love neons too! Keep your eyes peeled, will be having a go x x x

  5. I saw it! Updated my post and am very excited. Love that checker thing you guys did x


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