14 May 2012

Month Of Mayhem The Bride

Kill Bill Nailart HandPainted

What I loved about The Bride (Beatrix) in Kill Bill was the resolute strength of her mission. The film never says 'look at what she did wrong, and this is why this happened to her' Quentin and Uma worked on the concept for this film for years together. They wrote a character you immediately identified with, and questioning her previous life as an assassin never really crosses your mind. I wanted to create a wearable manicure using the films colours of black and yellow, and of course it had to be blood splattered. Great for fancy dress or just a film night in.

Before that strip turned blue, I would have jumped a motorcycle onto a speeding train... for you. 
But once that strip turned blue, I could no longer do any of those things. 
Not anymore. 
Because I was going to be a mother. 
Can you understand that?

Beatrix Kiddo


  1. Love the simplicity of this style, and yellow is very much my colour, for talons - will have to have a go. Ta for the inspiration x

  2. Excellent, the simple ones are always the best xx


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