9 May 2012

Month Of Mayhem Amelia Earheart

Nailart fo Amelia on Sky blue Background

I'm not going to list all of Ms Earhearts achievements, you can find those here at the Official Website but I will leave you with what she did for women. In the 20s she showed the mass media that indeed, in order to be seen as equal to men, our accomplishments must be far greater. 
As it ever was. 
The mayhem was brought about when her disappearance prompted the most costly search and rescue endeavour in naval history.
I like to think she made it out of the burning wreck, and settled on a cosy island somewhere, to be found sipping pina coladas under a brolly and surprising the odd sunburnt visitor far fetched tales of flying across the skies in a little red plane. 

Nailart with plane

Little Red Plane Nailart

After midnight the moon set and I was alone with the stars.

Amelia Earheart


  1. Too cute! :) Amelia Earheart landed her plane not 3 miles from where I live - True.. google Burry Port about her - there is a monument to her in the town. She thought she was in Ireland! (foggy I think).

    Lovely blog. x

    1. I can't wait to find out more...she is such a legend x
      Thankyou for reading, hope the exam went well x

  2. You are insanely talented! That is amazing! xx

  3. Not at all! But thankyou. Hope your journey home was safe and quick, and you're completely over that weird email voodoo crap yesterday xx


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