14 May 2013

Mint For Life Review

AKA Mint Candy Apple dupe..I HAD to have this as soon as the weather started getting less snowy and more..well. Let's leave it there. Available for the small sum of £2.99 at Superdrug and many other places I'm sure.
I adore the colour. The glass bottle feels expensive and the longer handle is helpful for pudgy fingers..I'm talking to you Chanel.
The brush is a paddle shape, and there are strange indents running vertically along the shaft (!) which I presume to be helpful to wick polish to the brush.
The colour is rich, one coat is opaque but a little patchy so 2 is your best bet. It dries super quick, and I could eat pizza almost immediately after the second coat, but I did leave a good 15 mins between applications. Of course it shows up the red in my fishwifes hands, but for the sheer joyfulness of the summery minty aqua green, it is so worth it.
In essence, I'm mint for life!

After 2 days of wear I broke my nail so I have to remove the stuff.
Notes: there is a little tip wear that I would be able to very quickly touch up. However, I haven't washed up in those 2 days (I'm unashamed) and only had 2 baths so not the most strenuous test. Also this 'gel finish' polish is considerably less glossy than on Day 1.
Not bad for the money, but clearly, the only way to get a gel finish is to use a gel product.
Still love the colour though


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