18 May 2012

Month Of Mayhem Dita Von Teese

Making stripping cool,nay, sophisticated,  marrying inappropriate men, hailing from Texas, dying blond hair black, having pale skin, allowing us all to unleash the retro diva within...the reasons to adore Ms Teese are many.
I think of saucy lingerie when I think of Dita (as well as her lovely brains) and so I had to create a fishnet stockings effect for this manicure.
I applied black polish thinly, then washed nail polish remover over it to create a 10 denier appearance.
Then made the little fishnets with a cocktail stick and added gems for the stocking top.

Rimmel products and striptease manicure

I do it because I love the make-up,
the costumes and the history of showgirls.

Dita Von Teese


  1. Lovely! Very dramatic and in keeping with Dita style! :)

  2. Working with black and white is always so pleasing xx


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