7 Jun 2012

Body Shop VIP Event

Which I wasn't invited to.
But I crashed anyway, because I'm rock and roll.

Stumbling past the Trafford Centre store on the way to Carluccio's for tea, I saw a tray of champagne near the door...my life has been severely devoid of champagne trays lately, so I thought I'd pop in and have a look at the box-fresh Lily Cole collection. I was greeted by Brooke, who told me that L'Oreal use synthetic skin to test their products on now, and agreed that it was a shame about the conditions in China, and showed me all the Lily Cole range.
I needed a liquid eyeliner, so naturally, I bought a cheek and lip dome, a primer and a liquid eyeliner. I asked her for a black, but it was lilac when I got it home, bit irritating. I also signed up for a Body Shop card, because I've had a long standing affection for the store since I was a young'un and would spend my Saturday job wages on Strawberry Shampoo and tubs of lipgloss.

As I'd gatecrashed so convincingly, I got a Goody Bag with my purchases also, which was full of treats!

Soap and Glory kind of stole the Body Butter market right from under Body Shop, which I think is unfair. I like a butter to be so thick in the tub you have to work to get it out, but it to melt a la butter, on the skin. S and G Body Butters have always seemed a little glossy and feeble to me, whereas Body Shop butters are always exactly right. The Duo that came in my Goody Bag is wonderful.
One side is for normals, the other for scaly, dried up hags like me.

The Shower Gel is overwhelmingly Pink Grapefruit scented, so that's one for the mornings, and a nice large bottle of it too.

The samples are the stuff of a beauty fanatics dreams. Lots of lovely treats to play with, hair butter and fragrance, day cream, chocolate body butter (heavenly).

As for the makeup, I'm a little cross with myself.
The primer is amazing stuff.
Sorted me and Redheads drink sodden Jubilee faces right out and made us look fresh and glowy.
The trick is to smoosh the stuff between you fingers before applying to the face, and you will have a shimmery veil of smoothness.
The eyeliner is ok, but not what I wanted, it's lilac, but with a red undertone once blended out.
But it's not what what I wanted.
The Lip and Cheek Dome is absolute poop.
I'm sorry.
It refuses to be blended, and just wipes off, it's too sheer, and slidey and apart from looking the absolute business, doesn't earn its place in my makeup bag at all.
The packaging of the Lily Cole range is one of those things that looks good under the halogen, but tacky and cheap when you get it home.
It's just a big old let down really.
Nice idea, but cynically marketed towards the teen market.

Right, I'm off to buy some chocolate Body Butter. Let me know what you guys think of The Body Shops new range


  1. Great blog ... firstly jealous of the Trafford Centre (ooooh how I miss thee), secondly... ohh how I miss Body Shop too... ahh well that's what I get for moving too far from a city. I had to giggle at your rebellious gatecrashing antics! lol
    Glad you enjoyed yourself! I need some more body butter so great to read your review. x

    1. Its so tacky and fake-grand it may be one of the best or worst places to shop in the world. The fact I can't decide which leads me to worry slightly about the state of my mental health. You cannot do better than a Body Shop Body Butter, Mammy Jane. It's the bestx

  2. Enjoyed that, I was at that night too, spent most of it in Selfridges with my friend, we blagged our way in and got tons of bottles of Pommery champagne, was very rough the day after. And The TC is THE coolest mall ever, its interior is complete genius. Most of the time when I go, I don't even buy anything, just enjoy the theme parky nature!

    1. That's the thing with the Trafford Centre. If you take it for what it is, a monument of retail and kitsch, you will only have good times there..even if you're broke, you can afford a mug from M and S or a cake from Selfridges, which was Conrans theory when he started Habitat. Everyone can buy into it, whatever their budget.
      Selfridges really is the dogs doo-dahs.
      "we understand, you shop. You're welcome."
      Lovely people. There's always something fun going on at Debenhams too, my fave dept store.


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