19 Jun 2012

Charity Shop Treasure

Inspired by the lovely MrsThriftyUK (link) and the fact that once my Scart convertor comes (todays post...or else) you won't see me for dust (GTA awaits, San Andreas is taunting me) I thought I'd catalogue some of my favourite charity shop finds. None of these things cost me more than five pounds. I love them all.
Gorgeous and strange. If a cs purchase isn't one of these things, you don't need it  £1.75

1 large bowl, 5 little ones. Would be worth 3100 if wasn't all chipped.  £4.00

£2.00 Was pristine when I bought it, but I dropped it. Still lovely though

£5.00 which is a lot I thought. Cancer Research in Didsbury. Wouldn't you know.

£4.99 each, feather cushions from John Lewis. Kittens have destroyed them.

Mid project, will be white with crystal door handle and lit inside. £10 from Ashton

Gorgeous pressed glass. £1.00

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