16 Jun 2012

Deansgate, Manchester

Manchester is a strange city. Discounting the nostalgia, the fact I know it like the back of my hand, the great industrial, technological and artistic heritage, it's a bit of a shithole really.
The reconstruction after the bomb  tidied it up for a bit, but like it's residents, when the world is no longer watching, we tend to go round looking a right mess.
If you want a relaxing, off the beaten track day out, for the love of God stay away from Market Street and Piccadilly.
Deansgate, Castlefield, The Northern Quarter are all lovely places to eat, drink and do a bit of 'wall art' spotting, and these are some of my favourite things to look at.
Friends included.

Mr H modelling for 'the blog'

The Oast House.

When you have to name an alley something

The robots are taking over

Bloody stained glass window. The Cathedral.

Scene of many Church Girls Brigade yawnfests as a kid

Lost a lot in the uploading

Sun streaming through the window for this shot. Cheers God.

Mojitos in Sandanista. Better than boring poetry readings.

Julie, aka The Scary Canary Blogger (link

At the Gas Lamp, old Childrens Mission.

Like The Temple, only not toilet smelly

Sit by the oven. Talk shit.

Want to wear a sundress in June? North Face and comfy shoes

Waterhouse toilets. My Mum worked here when it was a lawyers office.

A whole family of borrowers could live in here

Is it just me who loves this shreddy stuff?

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