10 Jun 2012

Jubilee Fever

Jubilee kittens

I spent all last week in a state of Bah Humbug about the impending Jubilee.

I didn't see the point, I didn't understand why people would spend their own money, at a time of international recession throwing a party for some old woman who had enough money to throw US all a party. I thought it was patronizing and insulting.

Then something happened. I did the nails, as you can see here and settled in to watch the Flotilla with a glass of wine. Something about the rain-misted Thames, and the silly brave little boats and the ceremonial uniforms just got into my heart, and before long I was forcing the Boy to watch at my feet. Like in the olden days.

The Silver Jubilee in 1977 was a big deal. We had a street party that took days to set up. I had a ball with silver jubilee on. I got a new dress and went to a dance at the delightfully 20s community centre. We were given medals that I kept safe for years. We had cake. I live on the same street as all this happened in 1977, but this time, no party. My old primary school is now a 'executive home' housing estate, and sadly, what used to be a sweet, old fashioned family centred, butcher-bakers-papershop area has become a bit run down because of the massive Tesco round the corner. All in all, no street party.

Looking at the BBC website of peoples pictures has had to suffice, and of course, the coverage is available on Iplayer. You've got your barmy army that are around at any big event, and your sweet old ladies, but there are also kids in hospital, where the nurses have made sure they had a good time.

Whatever your views about the monarchy, it was a fabulous weekend. Pageantry, honour, resilience and fun.Thats what we do, us British. We like a party, even when the butties are soggy and you don't get five minutes with the guest of honour. And in time the memories of the rain will fade and we'll remember it how we want to. A long weekend when a thousand boats sailed past the Queen on the Thames, when they lit up the Palace with the Union Flag, and a nation sobbed and sang through the fireworks.

Made me want to go and join the army or shoot a pheasant or something... Hope your weekend was good, and can't wait to see everyones photos!

Here's some of mine

Jubilee nails

shabby chic jubilee

Coronation Cup

fat kittens

Rabito BB case

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