10 Jun 2012

My Little Kitchen

Y'all don't know, but I've been running a pop up restaurant (pronounced restwaa) for quite some time now. 
I moved from my Beloved Yorkshire back home to the suburbs of Manchester and once I got to know the locals, and where to find only the best locally produced organic fare, people (my children) started to just turn up every night to eat.
Word spread and soon I was celebrated as quite the Little Chef. 

Not every day however can be Carpaud dans le Trou so when I'm rushing about from celebrity event (buying cat litter) to picking up the boy from school (waiting for him to come in and standing at the sink so it looks like I've been doing something other than watching Four Weddings) food has to be simple, hearty and nutritious. Thus I am preparing today a Cauliflower Cheese Grill butty. 
Come with me

Assemble ingredients

waiting for the ding
Wait for the ding

Take lettuce from packet
Remove from packet
big tomato
Be amused at tomato nearly as big as my face!
arrange nicely on plate
Take contrived whimsical crockery

cut open

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