16 Aug 2012

Clearing Out

Coming back from holiday always leaves you with good intentions. Be it diet, finances, lifestyle, BIG changes are always afoot when you've had a chance to look at your life from outside.
I am moving house!
Of course, I haven't found my next home yet or even saved up the deposit, but as testament to my resolution, I'm having a damn good clearout.

This is the makeup that didn't make the cut

George Flawless Creme Foundation. Patchy, cakey, drying

Estee Lauder GWP eye pallette. Wishy washy.
Rimmel Lasting Finish. Always makes me look dirty
Collection Shimmer Shades. Brand new and smashed to pieces.
17 Falsify. Lovely but dried out in 2 weeks (re-purchased)
Rimmel Lash Accelerator. Developed weird stringy pieces on wand. Smudgy.
L'Oreal 390. Doesn't show up on my clearly too dark lips
Ruby and Millie Pink gel thing. Just appears as grease slick on face
No7 Concealer trio. Never a drier, cakier concealer can be found. Absolute crap
Body Shop eye shadow. Looks deep black, goes on pale grey. Life's too short
Maybelline Dream Blush. If it can't be bothered, neither can I.

The Nail Polish

Seriously, who has 6 orange nail polishes and hates orange?


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  2. Seriously? You're throwing away nail polish? Noooo don't do it!!!


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