14 Oct 2012

Annoying Sites (2)

Or rather the dodgy sellers and gullible/devious buyers
I used to feel bad for the people bidding on the fake Mac, or the overpriced Chanel or the ridiculously fake Nars. I wanted to give them some sound advice and berate the nasty sellers. However, I now believe that most of these people know exactly what they are doing and intend to sell on the goods on Ioffer or classifieds.
The sellers who have Chanel Peridot and whack a silly thirty pound Buy It Now price on it with SOLD OUT  or HTF on it when it is in abundance for £18 at any Boots, or even Illamasqua at double digits when the item is on sale at Debenhams for under a fiver drive me to despair.
I love grabbing a bargain but it's getting harder and harder now with this tacky crap (the fakes) on an endless seliing and reselling loop increasing ever thus and blocking the genuine items from showing up.
Ending soonest (but not on a smart phone) and buying from private sellers can cut the chances of you being ripped off down a little.

Etsy is following suit. There are Chanel and LV bags on there now. If you ever see anything on Etsy you like, do a quick ebay or Google Shopping search of the item. For instance, bird cage necklaces. Fallen in love with what you think is a unique piece, lovingly handcrafted? Quick search on ebay or ali express or ioffer for bird cage necklace should come up with nothing, if it's genuinely handmade. In most cases however, you'll find the item for as little as a couple of pounds from the source. Stick to actual handmade items, such as customized jewelry or edibles. Even quirky little felt-bound notebooks are mass produced now.

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