15 Jan 2013

New York New York

I've had to insert a jump break here, as the New York Municipal Galleries embed was making the page impossibly slow to load. I hope you'll still read more

How lovely is this? Ever since I can remember, I've wanted to be in New York.
Now I can, without the jet lag and the credit card bill!
You can too.
Just follow the links.


  1. It's been a dream of mine to visit New York as well, which I managed to fulfill in September last year :) Fully recommended. I hope you manage to visit soon!

    1. I was planning to go for my 40th last year, but washing machines and fridges broke, so sadly I couldn't. One day for sure.
      Thank you for commenting and sticking with the slow loading time, approx 5 years on my pc. So worth it though. I have convinced myself the boy in the first picture is Ryan Gosling in the Notebook. Silly Me x


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