21 May 2013

Clinique Concrete Jungle Review

I was paying for the Urban Decay Naked Basics pallette in Debenhams yesterday when my eye was caught by Cliniques new nail polish line. Lindsey the Clinique Assistant explained that they were formaldehyde free and had all the baddies taken out, yet the ingredients tell me there is still a form of cyanide in there. To be honest, Ive never lost much sleep over the Big 3 anyway.
I fell in love with Concrete Jungle instantly.  It's cool and sophisticated, doesn't knock you out with mannequin yellowness..just a gorgeous groomed shade of white-grey-cream.I coughed up £12 and couldn't wait to get home and play with it.
I like the heaviness of the bottle and the shiny cap. It will stand out among the almost exclusively black lids in my NP drawer. It comes in a box which always feels special, but will be lost in a fortnight.
Even my friend who abhors nail colours of any kind said it was pretty!
It applied easily with the brush which, though wide is not cuticle splodging wide. and was completely opaque after 2 coats which dried within 5 minutes.
Sadly, after washing up and emptying my hoover filter this morning, it is wrecked. When I'm reviewing I don't like to add top coats and unfortunately, my new treasure did not survive its ordeal.
I shall just reapply anyway because I love it.
So, worth it for the colour and opacity, but definitely needs top coat.


  1. Beautiful colour, looks great on your skintone, good to know its opaque in two coats. I also am a non-topcoating-mani-wrecker x x x

  2. Am obsessed..will go through this bottle very quickly I know it. Such a great base for my next mani x


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