15 Jan 2012

Shalom, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year.

I have been remiss as far as blogging goes lately..but I am calling it research time and making amends forthwith. So here are my musings on all things make up and girly.

Chanel Peridot #530.
I am over you my bronzed God. 
Selling on ebay. 
I'm just so over that metallic glimmery deal. 
I think this is a deeply rooted psychological issue, involving wanting Christmas and all its associated colours to be over with. 
GONE are the golds, the bronzes, the glitters. 
I long for Spring like hues of pearly grey, pale pink, aqua, white and primrose. 
Anyone want to swap with Mimosa?

Real nails
They just won't grow. And if they grow, and I file them once in my desired squoval, at least two will promptly break on me, usually diagonally from corner to cuticle. 
I despair. 
I need acrilics, but no WAG white square tip for me, just a polite 2mm extension, perfectly neat and thick.

Cake Face
I have purchased Max Factor Smooth Finish (SO not a smooth finish on my dry skin) and Revlon Photoready (which positively GLOWED in photos all through Christmas) and even my beloved Bourjois Healthy Mix has been caking on me as my skin gradually decends into zombie like flaky messiness. 
So I have instead been applying my Garnier roller cola concealer which I love, some Ruby and Millie cheek and face gel (the pushy up stick one, sadly discontinued) in the hollows of my cheeks, across the eyelid and a little on the temples. 
And that has been my Winter face.

Cannot be tamed.

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