11 Jun 2011

Give And Make Up

So if you're anything like me, you may have been collecting makeup for many years now.
That, with the fact I have no daughter and get a great discount on all sorts of lovely things means that I have simply, more makeup than I'll ever need. I've also been homeless twice in my life so this cause is very dear to my heart.
This is a link to Give and Makeup
I have two makeup bags that are lovely, and I don't care to use anymore and some foundations that I don't use, so I'm making two bags up with two colour options. Each will contain moisturiser, base, bronzer, lip liner, mascara, couple of brushes and tweezers.
I think thats what I would have liked to recieve if this scheme had been in action when I needed it the most.
To give is better than to receive. Pay it forward

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