16 Jan 2012

Nail Of The Day, plus ridiculous ways we hide behind our makeup.

Monday again...I have the day off work to go meet our new consultant at The Carol Kendrick Centre, which is a place where they help children with undiagnosed, diagnosing or post diagnosis learning disorders and special needs. My youngest son is being diagnosed with (up to now) dyspraxia, dyslexia, ADD and Aspergers.
Thus, I Am efficient and business like in my choice of Revlons Smoky Canvas. I want the consultant to think 'oh, she's clued up, but not impractically slavish to fashion' Someone who still looks after herself but not to the detriment of the child.
Is this wrong?
To think that they are looking for clues or blame all the time, and that my choice of nail polish might save me?
This is the power of cosmetics. Or it's my crutch.

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