5 Apr 2012

'Grime' Nails....

Inspired by Cult of Taupe Grunge nails who I found on Twitter and is full of lovely ideas. I came up with this super easy, needlessly sparkly Urban Englishy Grimy knock off. I like to think of Cult of Taupe in a grungy 90s Seattle-esque setting with a coffee in her hand waiting for it to dry. I did this with my Yorkshire tea listening to dub step. Cos thats how I roll these days kids. Enjoy....

I don't really say 'this is how I roll' 
*sheepishly looks away* 
I started off with very thin, brittle nails after doing this

all by myself with superglue. Not recommended. 
 Here is what I used...

To start off this madness I used 3  coats (begrudgingly) of Barry M's Blue Moon. 
Gorgeous but only delivers the true colour with 3-4 coats, which subsequently takes ages to dry. This goes in our favour when making mushy imprecise designs, so whatever colours you choose to re-create this with (if you do) bear in mind its going to work best with thin slippy polishes.
 This is available from all good chemists and I've even seen it in a bargain shop so prices can range from 50p up to £2.99

As it takes so long to dry, this can happen very easily

When I catch my polish like this, a very wet finger or cotton bud can just manipulate the polish back into shape. Not a professional approach, but it makes the nail smooth again so you can touch it up.


Then I take Rimmel Black Pearl Lycra Pro. Forgive a slightly off topic rant now, but I detest when high street brands do this.
 Call it a 'faster flatter brush'.
 Call it 'slightly longer wearing than the basic rubbish' 
 Call it 'One English pound dearer than the smaller bottles, because its bigger' 
but please Coty Rimmel, enough with the Pro label. Its silly.


Take this, wipe off the excess, so bristles are quite dry, and splodge/daub/smatter/squish and slop onto the nail in any manner your heart desires.
Like so

While it was still sticky, I went back in with the Blue Moon and created a gradient. I have totally missed the boat as far as gradient nail blogs so I won't bore you with that, but a very good example is this. (Not my Beautylish page, thats this)

After letting it dry a bit, I thought  it looked 'interesting' but a bit 'arts and craftsy' like a Denby Potteries mug (ask your Mum) so I took some silver glitter, the closest I had to hand was from  nail art kit I got for Christmas and went over the blue. Still not satisfied I went over the whole thing with Rimmel's Disco Ball, which is widely available, and despite previously scorning this product, I have since fallen in love with it. I'm a girl, I can change my mind.

And thats how I made this. Also this month, I left my job in retail beauty. loved the beauty, hated the retail part.
 Plus this.

And this.

 (Redhead and neice having a lovely lazy sunny Sunday afternoon)

Hope you enjoyed my little post, and it finds you in good cheer and health. Comment if you have the time, or inclination, and enjoy April



  1. Loved it sis. Love you, redhead xxx

  2. Glad you liked it Red, thanks for reading and commenting xxx


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