15 Apr 2012

How To Do The NewTexture Mani

Nailart with textures and glitter

Being a Libran I can see both sides of the story of a topic that caused quite a stir in Blogland this week.  Shame on a successful company getting all litigious on a blog that never intended to sell an alleged trademarked manicure.
But also, when we copy looks from anyone, its our responsibility to make sure credit for the source is given where due. 
To that end, these are my attempts at recreating the new-ish vogue for applying texture to a manicure.
 I used sugar, glitter rhinestone cabouchons and polish.
 I do not intend to do these professionally or charge for them and hope you like them. 
What ways do you like to improvise with fashion looks?

Painted nail white, then dipped into sugar.
Painted nail white, dipped into Diamond Sparkles Baby Daydream Hunkydory Glitter available HERE
painted nail silver, dipped into Diamond Sparkles Diamond Hologram Hunkydory Glitter available HERE

Painted nail silver, then dipped into Diamond Sparkles Holographic Sprinkles by Hunkydory available HERE then stuck random teeny and large rhinestones available everywhere.

And there you have it. A nice thick top coat floated over the nail afer a few minutes and last quite well.

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