12 Apr 2012

Spring Neons

I cannot lie, I enjoy neon. Back in the early noughties, I LIVED for my Italian leather neon pink stilettos which lie, beaten and unwearable in my closet. When raving, a nod to the cyber trend without the flammable/fecking awful connotations was easily accomplished with the addition of a few packs of neon rubber bangles and a couple of clip in hair extensions. Now, neon is back, the catwalk made it cool and freed it from the the domain of a few burnt out old ravers and cybergoths. I love clashing colours, so here is my take on neon nails with the obligatory leopard twist. Its easy, and looks so realistic! (that last bit is a lie) Have fun, post your version as a comment or link to your blog. Its awful quiet round here

These are the colours I used. Available from any beauty supply store

Nails still wrecked after the acrylics. Come back to me babies, please

Dots of clashing neon green, for giggles

Alternating neon orange

Trace round with pen or toothpick dipped in blue, black, burgundy, anything that clashes. Draw a C and a dot in the middle

Colour some dots with white for contrast

Finished. Get your rave ON!



  1. Thankyou, I love them and couldn't make up my mind so I splodged them all on! Love the orange and pink contrast. Still hunting for a real shocking pink. Closest I get looks coral on nails!


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