10 Apr 2012

YT or not to YT

A couple of years ago, I was studying to be a hairdresser at college. I always thought it would be an ideal profession for me, I love hair, been growing some of my own for years..I can do things with scissors and bleach that surprise me, not always in a bad way.
About 6 months in, I found that the basic cuts we were being taught were quite easy and became a bit bored of the whole thing. 
I was also 36 in a 17 year old's world, and I had left it too late to become really skilled at the sort of hairdressing I wanted to do, like contemporary and competition hair. 
Some friends were getting placements at Toni and Guy but I knew that I didn't have the image an employee of theirs should have and I really didn't fancy doing short graduations and pensioners specials so I quit.
I'd been looking on YT for a nail art project for me and my neice to do, and came across Panacea81 or Lauren Luke. I liked the way she broke everything down and explained that she was just learning too, and subscribed to her channel. Then it got out of hand sub wise, I was subbed to about 300 'gurus' but the ones I preferred, like MonroeMisfit and Myeyeshadowisodd seemed to stop making the vids and all I was left with was a load of 'tag' vids and the same smokey eye tutorials. 
So I edited my sub list and thought I would give it a go. 
Nothing gives you fresh respect for something you were tiring of more than actually trying to do it yourself. Simple ideas would turn into Herculean labours. 
You have to lay the stuff out, the lighting must be right, the phone can't ring, ambulances drive you mad, kids must be banished, it's a real indulgence. So I decided to create compilations of still photos which give you more control of outside factors, but don't really allow an audience to connect with you. 
Its a trade off.
Then I messed up my Adsense. Not sure how, as I never really understood how it all worked anyway, apparently I had invalid clicks...but I don't remember any of that. 
So if I ever got popular, I would never be offered Partner and be able to choose a decent thumbnail so it seemed doomed. 
I did however, enjoy the editing and choosing music and wondering who would ever watch (no-one as it turns out) SO, if you have five minutes to spare, pop by and say hi, theres nothing to lose, and let me know what you think, if you've had a similar experience or think YT has reached its saturation point now anyway, there are a lot more vids on there than anyone would ever have time to watch!

Revlon Stormy Canvas and Leopard Print Accent Nail
Hot Rods and Hell Cats using 120 eye and cheek palette
Easy daytime make up using 120 eye colour palette and some tips on contouring
Stubby nails into manicured darlings

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