19 Apr 2012

W7 Neon Yellow

You may have noticed in my Neon nails post, the absence of a yellow polish. The Misa yellow I had, a present from my Vietnamese nail technician friend, had completely stuck to itself and I can not unscrew it. Nor can my 13 year old boy, who generally has a superhuman strength with these kinds of things. So I was delighted to find W7 Neon Yellow nail polish for £1.49 at my local beauty supply store. 
With 3 coats, very patchy floody and quite sheer

I have looked through about twenty Google pages and cannot find any information on W7 anywhere. They must be a sub-brand of Warpaint Cosmetics and and, as they don't have a dedicated web site I can't give you much more information than there is on the bottle.
four coats. A little better, but took about an hour to dry. Meh. I believe is the expression.

Two coats. I actually think I prefer the look of this at this point here.
So, in conclusion, you get what you pay for sometimes. A wonky brush (which I won't show as this could be a result of a customer manhandling it) insipid coverage and a way too long drying time. I will keep it, and suspect that if I undercoat it with a solid nude, and then apply two coats of this, it will look quite nice.


2 poodles for value and packaging

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