15 May 2012

How To Clean Up After A Manicure

When you start doing nailart and manicures more frequently, you will become aware of cost per manicure. This doesn't just involve the nail polish, which can be super expensive, but all your little bits and bobs.
Q-Tips or cotton buds may not be very expensive, but nor are they precise enough to get into the cuticle line properly without going through two or three.
This method takes what you should already have in your kit: cotton wool and orange sticks/toothpicks and gives you as many cleanups as you would ever want.

Cleaning up after a manicure


1. Hold the toothpick between thumb and index finger.
2. Slide cotton wool between index finger and toothpick.
3. Roll and curl cotton wool over toothpick.
4. Pull away from the cotton wool when you have enough of a tip.

It takes a couple of goes, but once you get the rolling/curling motion right, you'll be able to make these as small and tight as a small tight thing.

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