15 May 2012

Month Of Mayhem Roxie Hart

Sure you can watch Chicago for the catchy songs, the jazz hands and the glitter.
Or you can marvel at how the Bob Fosse managed to get all that 'media critical' message in a wonderfully watchable piece of musical theatre.
Married to a mechanic in the Jazz era, above all Roxie Hart wanted to be a celebrity (that means somebody everyone knows) 
She thought she was headed for the big time when she met a guy with connections, but popped a couple of caps in his head when he turned out to be Joe Schmo. 
The doomed lady, Mr Flynn, her celebrity lawyer and Sunshine, a journalist infatuated with him, managed to fenagle her way out of the noose, and went on to sheba shimmy on a stage with Velma Kelly, a washed up cabaret star famous for shooting her husband and sister. 
A right motley crew.
I love them all. 
I do not condone moider, but I sure as hell love a bit of razzle dazzle.
I did a vintage manicure with red moons and black and used gold to make tiny teeny guns and jazz notes. The Roxie face was a sinch with red lips and triple bob in platinum blond. 

Roxie Hart Nailart Collage

And we love each other. 
And that's because none of us got enough love in our childhood. 
And that's showbiz... kid.

Roxie Hart

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