7 May 2012

Month Of Mayhem; Gabrielle Coco Chanel

Nailart with Chanel Logo and Buttons

Chanel logo with black and white nailart

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An icon to Marge Simson, Alexa Chung and everyone else, nothing says 'you have arrived my dear' like wearing Chanel. 
Whether it be nail polish or a cute tote, perfume or a classic suit, that little black and white label shows the world you have taste and wealth. 
An abandoned girl of no means, taught to sew by nuns, she made it out of the back streets of the inner city and kicked a hell of a lot of ass to become a legend. 
She knew when to say 'yes' and turned it all round to be mistress of her own destiny. 
Too few are the people who want to help you in this world, and usually there will be help offered only when the benefctor has something to gain. 
Take the help. 
Turn it round. 
Be a legend.

There is time for work. And time for love. That leaves no
 other time. 
Gabrielle Chanel

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