7 May 2012

One Coat Nail Polish

Sometimes, I have hours to spend painting my nails. 
I'll squeak the nail, apply base coat, let it dry, apply two perfectly thin coats of varnish, let them dry, apply top coat, and let that dry and add a cuticle oil.
All these steps take a long time and that means less time spent doing the things I love, like eating Maltesers and blogging and erm, climbing mountains and tandem biking. 
The 3 requirements of a one coat nail polish are 

Well shaped brush
Quality Pigment
Drying Time
These are a few of my favourite, reliable one coat wonders

Rimmel Fast & Fuscia, Bourjois Bleu Asphalte,Bourjois 30, Revlon Smoky Canvas , Rimmel Your Majesty

All of these behave very well when youre in a hurry. One thick coat and they are glossy, opaque and absolutely Malteser proof in around 2 minutes.

I want to know how watches can hold all the time in the world using only two hands.

Jarod Kintz


  1. Its worth knowing which ones are fast and pretty!x


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