14 Jun 2012

How To: Foxy Nails

Cute fox face nailart

I knocked these babies out last night in about 5 minutes.
The simplest ideas can be the most effective

Nailart Tutorial
Orange and white foxy nailart

  • Paint whole nail white
  • Add stickers where you want the nose and forehead to be
  • Paint over that
  • Dot on eyes
  • Pop little dots of white on those
  • Top coat (I used matte for photos, but glitter or gloss is fine)


  1. ahhh this is so cute and clever! love it! i always say one of my labs reminds me of a fox cos he has a bushy tail so i have a soft spot for them... :)

  2. I love foxes. Owls and foxes are my absolute favourite things. Especially fox like dogs and cats!xx

  3. Love this! So cute! Enjoying reading through your blog too. ;0)


    1. Thankyou, you may need a cup of tea and a comfy seat xxx


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