25 Jun 2012

It's just geography

Posh starts a new school today. Yes, 5 weeks before term ends for Summer break. I am being paid (£12 a week for his bus pass) out of the pocket of one of his old teachers to take him to another school, further away from home. Josh was one of those children who were shipped off to another school on an external exclusion. I was given 2 days notice of that. When I went in to school to express my concern I was told it was legal as the boy was disruptive...but the exclusion was for a number of points accrued over time for different things.
I'm pissed off that so near the end of school I've had to shell out for new sports socks, shorts and trousers, I'm pissed off that a 13 year old aspergers (socially clueless) now has to get public transport into the fucking centre of chavtown and out again, I'm pissed off that Manchester Health Academy have had me running around in circles for years with meetings and plans and God knows what, but didnt even send the new school any of those plans, I'm pissed off at sitting in rooms with professionals who just talk at me, and the boy, I'm sick of hearing how all the other children with Josh's condition are lovely and well behaved, so why isn't he? I'm really pissed off that this is happening so near to term end, and no-one particularly gives a fuck.

So, yes, ASD kids can get shipped around and hidden from statistics, in 2012.


He is going back to his old school in September, after having stones thrown at him.

Also, I never got the £12 a week promised

I have to buy another whole new uniform.

Aint it great.

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