20 Jun 2012

Leeds Waterfront Day Out

Where autobots come to die

Big fat gypsy bridge. Lovely

Love the font and the delightfully 60s sign

Oh how I love thee. Gorgeous little rat infested canal house

Why do pictures never show how hot somewhere is..believe me it was a scorcher

I may create a blue plaque blog someday. I get excited at a blue plaque

Hot and beautiful.

Tell us capitilism is wrong after seeing the prettiness it inspires

Pffhrt...what they gonna do? Add truffle oil to the moutard?

Motoring along. In their panama hats. Not too shabby

Gourmet me not. Yum.

Sweet shop at outlet village. Yum

It's not often Mr H is available in the week.
So to celebrate, we  ventured a little further than Manchester today.
I loaded up my phone with Four Tet and Blouse to bluetooth to his stereo, charged up the old Fuji finepix and off we went.
Of course, I hadn't charged the battery in the BB so it died pretty quickly. Luckily he had brought a couple of cd's I'd made a few years ago, screamo and Chili Peppers and a bit of Dresden Dolls, so we were still able to rock out with our socks out, and terrify passing motorists with my magnificent air drumming.
A wrong turn on the motorway near Leeds Waterfront led to us turning off the satnav and following the signage.
We were really pleasantly surprised.
Had a look round the Corn Exchange and scoffed at the pretentious 'gourmet hotdog' shop, admired the lovely industrial architecture, waved at the canal boaters from a bar where we had fish finger (gourmet?) butties, and then ended up Outlet Village shopping. I returned with Cadbury Cream Eggs, a mixing bowl and a masher.
Tea was Pizza Hut, and apart from a horrible child trying to lean over my seat and mock my food choices ( I had a 'polite' word with the very disinterented dad) it was a lovely end to a lovely day.
Now of course I am dreaming of a canalside little house with a duck egg blue door.
Ridiculous girl.


  1. Christfersmithers12 July 2012 at 22:58

    A beautiful day in Leeds. Who'dve thunk it?


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