18 Jun 2012

Skittles Nailart

I first saw this on Klairedelys art's Youtube (link)  and loved the simplicity and dimension. Barry M's shocking pink, and all the neon colours I could find.
The light was failing fast but I managed to catch the last rays.

Ask your Mum/Nan who Carmen Miranda is and I'll bet she says
'Aye Aye Aye Love you very much!'

Skittles Nailart

Skittles Nailart


  1. Love these - do you use nail pens ? If so which ones? They are fab!! Xxx

    1. On these i just swirled the brush around on the rim of the bottle to make the brush thin, and dotted it straight on the nail. Was watching something on telly and just used what was next to me. I do own art pens for teeny tiny dots and thin lines, they were a Xmas present from Mum, and are called Nails Supreme. They have a metal nib, and are fabulous xx


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