16 Jun 2012

One Pound Nail Polish

Over the Spring and Summer, I've had to economise, drastically. To some this might mean no new shoes, no chocolate, no take aways or Sky telly. To me, it meant all of the above in varying forms, but one area I can not cut out totally from my life is the nail polish. I've missed out on the Nails Incs and the Chanels and the Essies (have never rated OPI) but I've made up for it with Pound Shop purchases. Just a couple, enough to make me feel human and less deprived. This is an absolute little steal, and now I've purged the Nailart from my system for this week, I treated myself to a real grown up manicure.
It cost one pound.
For Revlon, it's surprisingly opaque. Bleeds and floods like a bitch, but 2 coats was all it took to get glossy, smooth, sophisticated claws.
Did I mention it was a pound?
One pound
*shakes head, chuckles*
Poundland Manicure

Poundland Manicure

Poundland Manicure

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