15 Jul 2012

American Apparel Neon Orange

This seems to be a little more stable than the yellow I moan about here, but still takes 3 coats to become opaque. The result is not as matte as the yellow, but no where near a gloss finish. This is in the discontinued stand and so cost £3.50 rather than £7.00 so I am a little kinder to it.
Really brings out the blue in your hands too.
Have a look.

American Apparel Neon

American Apparel Neon

2 poodles for value and colour, which is lovely.


  1. Wow that's a true neon isn't it?

    1. Wonderfully clashy. Need a new wardrobe to go with it though

  2. Absolutely gorgeous colour! I love it


  3. It is gorgeous,, and I found a way to make the yellow work too! Post coming soon..thanks for reading x

  4. Amazing nail color! its really looking gorgeous to wear american apparel with stylish footwear and carry good qulaity hand bag!


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