15 Jul 2012

Pretty Quick Nail Polish Remover (the one in the jar)

I picked up the Bourjois twisty remover one, but that was around six pounds, and I put it back, yes actually back, not dumped wherever I happened to be ( you try counting up all your stock, adjusting the figures when they don't match with stock delivered or sold, and then keep a smile on your face when you discover the unaccounted for products in the fridge) when I found this on another shelf in Superdrug for only £3.99

Deeply sceptical, I had glitter and white tip nail polish residue that would not budge, and was driving me insane. I used this walking down the street such was my urgency. I popped a finger in, wiggled it about a bit, and dayum. All gone! It smells lovely, and you can be sure I'm topping it up with my own nail polish hen it dries out. Treat yourselves, its ace.

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