5 Jul 2012

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you very much to Momma of Mojo (link to post and excellent blog here) for nominating me for this award which I graciously accept on behalf of all nonsense rambly type bloggers. For you, people, once again, I do this

So, here is the award

And here are the RULES

  • Name the lovely nominor, or nominator or monitor or whatever the correct term may be. Whoever gave you the 'thing'. That is Momma of Mojo, and a lovely blogger. We have a fair bit in common, and lots of mad differences that make her blog extremely entertaining and just the right amount of those sit back and think moments. Also, her blog has just had a fairly significant makeover and it's all swishy and dapper now, so as far as good blog design goes, you should probably have a look also.

  • Nominate 5 other bloggers worthy of the award.. Bear in mind the category of versatility, we all like a bit of variety. Spice Up Yer Life as the saying goes.Do let them know you have done this, with a link, so they can see who's saying what shit about them. Only fair.

  • List 5 random things about yourself 

Technically, the RULES state FACTS but that's boring.

1. In my head I am 18 and sexy and thin. I was never sexy and thin, even at 18, but I wasn't this fat, and I felt fatter. So in my head basically, I am an imagining of what I could be if I was perfect. This sexy 18 year old mythical creature chooses my clothes, and spends all my money on crap. Henceforth, I have a wardrobe of clothes I don't fit into, shoes I can't walk in, and no money.

2. I think I am brave and eccentric and can cope in any social situation, but I sat in an extremely POSH bistro in an extremely POSH part of Cheshire on Saturday night and lasted about half an hour. Had to get out of there man. It was as if they could SEE the woman that sits around in her pants playing GTA and not opening bills

3. I never take off my makeup before bed, or keep up with a skincare regime and am extremely distrustful of anyone who says they do.

4. I did NOT expect beauty blogging to be more about the tech equipment than the good stuff. I was always surrounded by makeup and nail polish. Now added to that is a pool of cables, piles of cards, cameras, tablets, phones and madness.

5. I cannot filter myself. I cringe when I look at the length of the comments I've left on peoples blogs. Most of them could and should be blog posts of my own. I have issues.

Me, me, me...so onto the good stuff. My nomineets (I'm having real trouble with all this) are ... and I hope they take it in good fun..obviously I'm not expecting them all to do the award thing, but much like the adult Twister groups that have sprung up, I think its fun in a retro ironic way..

  • D for Dalrymple A thoroughly good read in the style of woman with attitude. Introduced to her through a womens hair suvey. Hair down there, one might say. Stuck around. Good Tweeter too
  • This Week I Have Mostly Been Loving A real experienced beauty blogger. Photographer and guest house owner too. I want to go and stay there and look through her makeup collection. Found through the comments section on my next nomineesblog
  • Big Fashionista A feisty, say what I damn well want girl. Interesting and current. However, it's the mostly weekly Nom Or Vom articles I most appreciate. Should be medallised for services to women everywhere. Also, one of the most helpful supportive established bloggers about. 
  • Mammy Jane's Place Such an interesting, diverse blog. She's a rockabilly-vintage-loving-tattooed-mummy-student and generally fabulous individual. Mad blog layout, but fun and different. Psychological insight, makeup and hair, family life..all with her enthusiastic twist.
  • The1970s Diet Wonderfully named, eclectic mix of family life and rants about how rude people are and how we were all angels in our day. Of course we weren't, and it isn't, but I love this blog as its real and straight talking.
So there we have it. My best of the best versatile bloggers. Hope you nodded in agreement if I mentioned those you're familiar with and introduced you to some damn fine women bloggers if you haven't met them before.
Thanks again to Momma of Mojo for the chance to share the love.


  1. Point 1 seems awfully familiar. I do love it!

  2. It's madness really, thats my defence should I be found dead in th enight and my sons have to explain the red patent leather 4 inch heeled platforms or the size 16 Whistles dresses still with tags on.

  3. I enjoyed reading your blog post. It has been a few weeks now I also received the versatile blogger award.


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