19 Sep 2012

Chevron Nails

Are you loving or hating Chevron accents?
Missoni started it years ago, and no one apart from Mums took much notice I guess.
But as I'm now middle aged (40 next week...eek!) I'm quite digging these groovy erm, grooves.

Henceforth I present the Chevron Nail. Rimmels nail tip whitener to get the fine crisp lines, on a nude nail bed, a top coat of Elite Rose Natur and you're done.


  1. I like this! The fact it's on a nude base gives it a nice twist - I'd like to try it! x x x

  2. When I see any nail effect, my first thought is 'how can I make it my own' and minimalising ( is that even a word?) it by putting it on a bare nail is always a good place to start. I must say I loved it. ALL my nails have broken off since holidays (water change?) and the chevrons made me feel grown up like when you have a good french manicure, but trendy too. I'm a fan.


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