27 Sep 2012

Hip Hip Hooray!

I got lovely things for my birthday!
Total surprise, and wonderful night. The toast of the evening was 'We're all where we're supposed to be, right now, with each other', which means a lot to our own peculiar family. I'll tell you a bit about us.
Dad moved from Glasgee to Manchester at 15 with his family. He met my Mum at a soul club in 1971.They went on to have a passionate but stormy relationship, got married, and I came along in 1972. Yes.
Mum and Dad didn't make it, but I saw enough of him growing up to really know the bones of him. He let me into a part of his life,a club djs life, which few people get to see, the day times. My Dad was always the fun parent to me. Mum was always studying for something or shouting, or being a bit 'weird'. Dad would come and get me and we'd drive through Manchester in the rain listening to the radio and talking about dreams and wishes and hopes. Still do now.

I even lived with him and his partner when I was 15 and put us all through the hell of an unhappy, insecure growing girl, trying to cover it up with making people laugh and finding her personality among this odd extended and disjointed family of such strong personalities. Hateful to say it now but I was a terrible teenager. Dishonest, careless, self obsessed, all the things that would try anyone's patience, and I've experienced with two of  my own that particular joy.
Somehow we survived. Sure, there are things we would do differently but that's not an option any of us get to take. I think I'm an alright person, managed to come through it all with no major health worries, no jail time, no drug past, a few times of despair but nothing I didn't know how to sort out when I just calmed down and thought it through.
From my Mum I inherited the knowledge that materialism is pointless and futile, an inquisitive mind and the strong belief that everything I want is inside me aready and I'll know what to do when the time comes. From Dad I inherited a kick ass sense of humour, not least the best one, being able to laugh at myself, amazing taste in music, and they both taught me that it's ok to be scared, but do it anyway.
Best of all, Dad introduced me to his 'new' family about 4 years ago..a wonderful wife, her daughter, (Redhead), the sister I always wanted, and her daughter, my neice, who stuns me everytime we meet with her intelligence, humour and grace. My new family taught me that family means love and love comes first, that it's ok to mess up, just don't cut yourself off and I'm still learning from this lovely bunch of people I'm proud to have in my life.
We have our rows, misunderstandings, two redheads (mine from a bottle) clashing and fighting like lionesses, but loving and clinging to each other like there's no tomorrow, because we don't have as many yesterdays to look back on, health scares and aches and pains, but we are family..believe us. So to be in Manchester in the rain, dressed up and feasting, with the people that are there on your rainy, nothing days and make them happy, sparkly nights is what you live for.
May we have many more.
dream present..thanks so much Smum

making me weep a little bit

unflattering angle, the straight on, this is what you look like one, but who cares! Pens!

gorgeous handmade crystal suncatcher

so many little puddings

sushi! YO!

Yeah, juice fast over for now

just asking for trouble. Could not keep the babies off this. Ahem

Make it stop...make it stop



  1. Looks like you had a fab time, am well jel! x x x

  2. Awww, you sure had a swell time. Happy belated birthday.
    Lagos, Nigeria


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