22 Sep 2012

Juice Fast

So, it is no surprise to any of you that I'm a bit of a big girl. I've been big since I was 17...left the organic, macro-biotic, wholefood obsessed mothers care and a life long affection for fried, fatty, 'bad foods' and when those were unavailable, just too much of the good stuff too, took over. Also, cake, as you can tell has always been a fave too.
Lets get real. It's an addiction. I'm prone to addiction. I have always been happy to surrender my will to anything that comes along..unsuitable boys, irrelevant hobbies, expensive collections, fast food...so with any addiction you want to kick, or have to, you have to
I watched a show on USA Netflix about a fat guy who fasted on fruit and veg juices for 60 days. Juiced them right up in the trunk of his car, and travelled America.
It's just occurred to me he may well be an investor in a juicer firm.
Oh.*penny dropping*

Anyway, the guy lost nearly a hundred pounds, came off his Prednisole and looked ten years younger. I'm not on any meds, but over the last year, I have developed 'fatty symptoms' I never had before, and I want to see if I can rid them naturally. Here they are. Tell the truth and shame the devil.

  • I walk for more than say, an hour, my right knee feels like its sliding all over the place
  • I snore like a mothertrucker
  • I have multiple chins
  • I have bingo wings you could use as curtains
  • I have lost all motivation to do the things I used to make myself do. Things I never enjoyed but knew I had to just get on with, I just will not do. That way lies the way of the hoarders, the clutterers, the mad.
  • The most shameful of all, I sweat a lot. It's gross.

So, lets say I try for 10 days on a fruit and veg juice diet, and then see how I feel. I will check symptoms against this, and I have put it 'out there' so no going back now.
Wish me luck!

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  1. Good luck! I'm on a bit of a diet too, but nothing as drastic as yours! I have some willpower but am too good at making excuses to be bad x x x


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