21 Sep 2012

Lovely things

Just a pictorial post showing some of my favourite pics. No ranting today.
I've been busy setting up a new Tumblr (for my love of Superheros and comics,) its called
itwasallajoke(link in case you're interested and awaiting the schools detention notification texts
now the boy is back in school.
I also applied for a family fund grant, because the kid needs an Ipad, 
the tablet I bought him is really hard to use, and he's got into Youtube in a big way bless him.
He makes unboxing videos of Monster High Dolls.
Don't ask.

gorgeous cabinet for bathroom, once I've sorted the flooring out

DIY moth screen at Claires, instagrammed. Natch

cake thief

same cake thief, different day. I promise.

champagne and cupcakes

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