13 Sep 2012

Summer Favourites

So it's time Summer and I gave up this dysfunctional relationship.
When I'm all dressed up for it, it doesn't show up, but as soon as I start to move on, and accept it's over, who should appear without so much as an apology?
Couldn't have got through it without these guys, which I would do an in depth, awesome review of, but frankly, I have an event to attend, and I have showed most of these things before.
  • The San Moritz Fake Tan Mousse was a life saver when it came to flashing the flesh (which, believe me, I don't do a lot.
  • Fake eyelashes, just the individuals to add a flutter to the peepers
  • White Diamonds, because life's too short to reapply perfume every time you have a shower
  • Boots Essentials Lip Balm for when everything else is just too much like hard work
What have been your Summer-must-have-in-your-bags?

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