1 Sep 2012

Where have you been?

Staying at Redheads...exciting news, WE met a doctor!
Redhead would say SHE met a doctor, because she likes to be fussy...but I'm very excited and hoping it works out.
Josh's laptop is being relaptopped, whatever that involves, something to do with disks and Windows, and so he has monopolised mine for all last month, hence the blogging shortage.
We went to the zoo, all pictures were taken on Iphone and therefore look like we took a trip to 1978, so I need to sort those before uploading.
Went out a bit, Manchester in Pride weekend was a little crazy, but fun. Cheers to them, the boys in shorts and raincoats, the girls with fabulously assymetric hair and everyone in between.
Now back home and cleaning up and getting ready for a new school year. I'm still clinging to term times as if they mean anything. Now Josh is 14, its all rather serious but almost over too. We just need a good school bag and a blazer and we're done.

Question: Is it appropriate to scoop a fly out of yesterdays wine and drink it anyway?


  1. Yes, naughty girl, I've missed you! And absolutely yes, although the fly may have contained some wine so it was probably a waste to remove it ;-)

  2. Drunk it, flung fly into bin. Interestingly, I sent Josh to school yesterday, even though I knew term started today. School kept sending me texts saying term started on the 4th so I assumed they had changed the day. Poor kid. Oh well.


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