4 Oct 2012

Ombre Nail Of The Day

Yesterday was exciting...I opened my hotmail to find fifty plus friend invites on Bloggers.com which was oddly excessive..at the bottom of that little mountain was a 'Congratulations, you have been featured on our front page' message which explained the sudden influx of friendship.
I find it a strange platform. Earlier in the year I was on a mission to grow my blog and 'play the game'..I tweeted excessively, wrote proliferately, really gave it my all. Then the hashtag #beautybloggers became more like beauty bloggers inc, with a few people trying to fix what wasn't broke, and not particularly likeable people...there I've said it. Feels better. So I kind of ignored all that. Wrote when I want to and stayed away from Twitter. So it was surprising to see a directory featuring a quiet, non starter little blog like mine. Maybe its randomly selected? I should put the lottery on!
So, that out of the way, here is my nail of the day
Blackened red to coral. I painted the first two nails with Rimmels Black Cab. Then starting with index finger I used Revlons One Pound Valentine, which you can see here one-pound-nail-polish post and Rimmels Celebrity Bash and Heart On Fire and the pinky got Barry Ms Coral, which I bought for hot days. And never used.
Ombre Nailart


  1. Thank you Wendy Woo
    I like it..the lady at the Chinese was like 'oh your nails so pretty!'


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