31 Jan 2013

Let's Go To LA

The most beautiful pictures of LA at night by Vicky Moon Via Roos Bros stole away from me all sense of time and place.  I'm not even scheduling this post, I want everyone to go and see these. Go now. Quickly.
I was just looking at my camera and thinking

'Poor sad thing, all you do is take pictures of nails in this little room. You should be out, living, having adventures'
and I came across these wonderful pictures I should be filling my little bored friend up with.

I am an image whore.
I could look at art all day, not even art, just pretty things. Classical, architectural, modern, pixel emoticons, you name it. I file them in my brain and they make me try harder to be better...at something.

I get most excited by night time urban photography, and especially decaying urban scenes.
After all, I am from Manchester, a splendidly decaying Urban scene


  1. love this xxx please take lots of pics this weekend of us decaying. love you red xxx

    1. Yes. Falling down with feet sore from dancing!

  2. Don't laugh, but......I tried to take such pics in our local market at closing time. Not as pretty. Defo more ummmm rough!

    1. I long for a life where I could just wander round and fill the world with beautiful things, it's why I started this blog. My corner of beautiful things, even though a lot are silly and irrelevant. Maya Angelou said 'you don't run out of creativity, you just get more creative'
      Keep doing is what I'm saying.


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