11 Jan 2013

My Top Ten Nail Varnishes

Nail bloggers tend to be a pretty close knit bunch. Many scoff at this frivolous section of beauty writing, but they miss the point. It is between the staging of the shots, the dull days rendering photography useless, the glittery whimsical fun, the acquisition of the newest release that true friendships and support networks are formed.
One such friendship is so profound, that I felt comfortable in totally stealing her concept for this post.
I'm proud to say I was one of Wendy's first followers, it's an excellent blog, and she is indeed a jolly good fellow.If you haven't already, go and visit her lovely blog

So, my top ten. I thoroughly expected it to be a neon, glitter infused, gilt edged flurry of madness. However, when I looked at my most used bottles, it was the practical, everyday colours that I'm wearing the most. Thus my favourites are revealed.

collage of hand with different coloured nails. Red to pink

All high street too. The Chanels, Diors, OPI's, Orly's and Mavalas languish in my drawers.
Lusted after and bought in more financially secure times, the joy of having them exceeds the practicalities of wearing them I find. Chanel is unsatisfyingly thin, Dior thickens too quickly and OPI is chippy as heck on me.
Orly is my favourite professional (if such a category can exist now that 12 year olds are using Mac brushes to smush their £30 foundations onto their tiny faces) brand but I have run out and found dupes on the high street very easy to come by.
  • The gold on my right thumb is a new addition to my collection, and was part of a BOX of varnish given to me for Christmas by my lovely Step Mum. It has become an instant favourite. It's got that golden opulent finish but without the VNL or harsh brass of all the rest. Perfect.
  • Salsa is a gorgeous toe colour, and remains in perfect condition until you remove it. Even in sandy beach Summer. For this reason I love it dearly, as it reminds me Summer will return.
  • Revenge is everything I wanted Barry M's Dusky Mauve to be. Plummy and rich but shot through with a hazy sparkle.
  • Pinkandescence was bought on Christmas Eve before I knew I was getting twenty new varnishes, but I'm glad I bought it as the only thing I had like it was N07's Pink Sparkle and that was crap.
  • The rest are peachy, nudey nothings, which I absolutely adore
So what are your Top Tens? Now, where's that glitter..


  1. I love this! Especially because I'm in it haha!

    Believe it or not, I don't own any of these polishes, which I'm surprised about, loving the look of Revenge and Blue Moon, I see a nail art idea in those two somewhere...

    Thank you for the sisterly blog love x x x

  2. You've worked so hard on yur blog and it shows..inspiring to me. Yes, I've used Blue Moon in loads of nailart..is a perfect sky or sea base. Thin too, which helps with the layering. Good old Barry M. 17 are always a pleasant surprise, experimental colours and dead cheap x

  3. Replies
    1. The glossy finish is impressive too. As with most budget stuff, if the colours you choose are classic, noone needs to know how much you've spent. Thanks for reading x


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